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Principal Investigators
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Prof. Ulrich Pohl
The Pohl lab investigates cellular mechanisms controlling local blood flow in tissues.  Current work focuses on signalling processes within the endothelium and microvascular smooth muscle. There are three main projects: i) the functional role of connexins and gap junctions in the vascular wall, especially in the coordination of cell responses to vasocactive stimuli, the control cell migration and functional maturation of cells, ii) the significance of cell-matrix-interactions for the endothelial and smooth muscle response to mechanical stimuli and iii) the control of smooth muscle tone by changes of calcium sensitivity of the contractile apparatus. Studies are performed in cultured cells as well as isolated, long term perfused resistance arteries showing loss or gain of function after transfection. These functional studies on isolated vessels are complemented by intravistal microscopy studies, mainly in skeletal muscle preparations. In collaboration with the clinical guest group of Florian Kroetz, we are also studying the role of endothelial factors, especially EDHF on blood platelets in vivo.

Members of the Pohl Team: 

Kameritsch Petra, PD Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.)
Pogoda Kristin, PD Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.)
Qiu Jiehua, (Doctoral Student
Tahir Sibgha, (M.Sc.)

Lab Technicians:
Bscheider Britta
Lübeck-Ochs Anke
Stefanowski Katarzyna
Wilhelm-Forster Ulrike

Recent publications:

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