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Career Opportunities
Career opportunities
The Walter Brendel Centre of Experimental Medicine invites applications of doctoral students and postdocs. Work in any of our research teams is accompanied by a structured education in vascular biology and the opportunity to get acquainted with many state of the art methods in molecular biology, cell physiology and animal models.
As part of the BioImaging Network at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, a special focus exists on bioimaging methods, such as intravital microscopy, confocal and two photon microscopy of isolated cells and in vivo.
Young scientists who intend to apply for a DAAD stipend are advised to contact us directly at an early state of their planning.
Foreign students and postdocs who would like to apply for a position at our Centre will be assisted regarding interactions with German authorities and accommodation.

Opportunities for
Doctoral candidates: Inflammation und Wachstum natürlicher Bypässe (Arteriogenese)