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Prof. Dr. Andreas Dendorfer
The Myocardial ischemia has a complex pathophysiology that is not satisfactorily exploited for therapy. Our group strives to enhance the tolerance against ischemia, to protect the myocardium during reperfusion, and to regenerate muscle tissue after infarction. In the past, we have demonstrated the feasibility of preconditioning with peptide hormones, protein kinase activation, and ion channel blockade during reperfusion in experimental infarction. Molecular and translational development of these approaches will now be pursued in a new model of organotypic myocardial culture that can be applied to rodent and human tissues. Using techniques of functional imaging, genetic modification, and electrophysiology, we will address the impact of mechanotransduction, membrane integrity, and intercellular communication in ischemia and reperfusion. Long-term manipulation of 3-dimensional cultures will also enable us to study the mechanisms of stem cell integration into intact myocardial tissue, and to optimize the differentiation of stem cell-derived engineered tissue.


Members of the Dendorfer Team: 

Fischer Carola, Medical Student

Lab Technicians:
Lorenz Bärbel
Wu Mei-Ping

Recent publications:

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