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Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Elisabeth Deindl
The development and remodeling of vessels is a crucial process in many physiological and pathophysiological processes making it topic of in-depth research in laboratories all around the world. Vascular occlusive diseases are head of death causing aliments in industrialized countries. Growth of collateral arteries (arteriogenesis) bypassing a site of stenosis is the most relevant naturally occurring adaptive process protecting tissue from ischemic injury and death. The main research interest of the group around E. Deindl is the identification of the molecular pathways of arteriogenesis from increased mechanical load – the trigger of collateral growth - to cell proliferation. In detail, we are studying how physical forces are translated into biological signals, how these signals are propagated within a cell, finally resulting in cell proliferation, as well as how signals are transmitted from cell to cell (i.e. from endothelial cells to smooth muscle cells).


Therapeutic Neovascularization – Quo Vadis?
Arteriogenesis - Molecular Regulation, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics I
Arteriogenesis - Molecular Regulation, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics II
Arteriogenesis and Therapeutic Neovascularization
Arteriogenesis and Therapeutic Angiogenesis (in progress)
Members of the Deindl Team: 

Konda Kumaraswami, biochemist
Dr. Lasch Manuel, MD
Simon Rutkowski, MD
Sebastian Beck, MD student
Philipp Götz, MD student
Matthias Kübler, MD student
Franziska Sciuk, MD student
Christoph Arnholdt, MD student
Lisa Bobrowski, MD student

Lab Technicians:
Eder Christine

Recent publications:

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