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Principal Investigators
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Prof. Markus Sperandio
The Sperandio lab investigates the molecular mechanisms of leukocyte recruitment using intravital microscopy and several static and dynamic in vitro assays. Leukocyte recruitment proceeds along a well-defined cascade of events starting with selectin-dependent leukocyte capture to and rolling along the vessel wall. During rolling, leukocytes get into intimate contact with the endothelium, which allows endothelial-bound chemokines to interact with specific chemokine-receptors on leukocytes. This in turn triggers the activation of integrins leading to firm arrest and transmigration into tissue. We are interested in all aspects of leukocyte recruitment during inflammation in vivo. This includes the role of posttranslational glycosylation on selectin ligand and chemokine-receptor function. Using different glycosyltransferase deficient mice, we have elucidated the crucial role of core 2 GlcNAcT, ST3Gal-IV, and also of a specific Golgi GDP-fucose-transporter (Slc35c1) on leukocyte rolling and adhesion in vivo. Recently, we have begun to work on a novel intravital microscopy model in the mouse embryo, which provides us with a powerful new tool to investigate the maturing immune system during development in different embryonic and extraembryonic compartments.
Members of the Sperandio Team

Kristina Heinig, Dr. rer. nat
Claudia Nussbaum, Dr. med.
Monika Prünster, Ph. D.
Ina Rohwedder, Dr. rer. nat.

Ph. D Students:
Roland Immler
Myriam Ripphahn
Sergi Masgrau-Alsina

Medical Doctoral Students:
Christian David
Annamaria Florian
Lilly Reik
Tim Kuchler
Sebastian Sitaru
Tobias Steffen

Lab Technician:
Susanne Bierschenk
Nadine Schmidt

Coordinator Graduate Program of SFB914:
Verena Kochan, Dr. rer. nat.

Recent publications:

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