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PD Dr.rer.nat. Steffen Dietzel

Light microscopy is an important technique for many life science research areas, including the biology of blood vessels and inflammation. We keep the central microscopes of the institute running and develop new applications in particular in multi-photon microscopy. Among other approaches, we use Third Harmonic Generation microscopy for the label-free intravital visualization of blood vessels and blood cells.

Members of the Dietzel Team:

Judenmann Dagmar
Kugel Yan
Wachal Katarina

Recent publications:

Dietzel S, Pircher J, Nekolla AK, Gull M, Brandli AW, Pohl U, Rehberg M. Label-free determination of hemodynamic parameters in the microcirculaton with third harmonic generation microscopy. PLoS One 2014;9:e99615.

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